Yorkshire Pasta

Premium British Pasta. Made in Yorkshire.

In 2019, we travelled around Italy learning from the Italian artisans how to make pasta traditionally and authentically.

Our pasta is nothing like what you would find on the supermarket shelves.


Mass manufactured pasta takes two hours to make, arriving as flour and leaving in a plastic bag. Ours takes two days.

We dry our pasta slowly overnight, at low temperatures, allowing the dough to gently mature and develop flavour.


Large factories create shapes using teflon plastic; we use traditional bronze metal dies. They are  heavy, expensive and absolutely magical!

Each piece of pasta has a wonderfully rough surface – allowing them to cuddle and absorb sauces, creating beautiful, cohesive dishes of food.

No bright yellow, shiny pasta swimming around in the bottom of a bowl here!


We worked very hard to be able to create our plastic free products.

Our bespoke paper packaging is 100% recyclable – pop them in with the newspapers.