Yorkshire Business Journal is an online business news platform that gives a voice to Yorkshire's Businesses.

My name is Andrea Miscia, a commercial professional within the energy industry. The idea of the Yorkshire Business Journal first came to me during the Strategic Management course on my Executive MBA in 2017. A couple of years down the road and the Yorkshire Business Journal developed into what is now an online website that encompasses interviews with senior managers from Yorkshire based companies.

Launching this project during the current dramatic worldwide events is a gamble. However, I believe in Yorkshire businesses and the resourceful nature of the Yorkshire business community. The fact that the Yorkshire economy is larger than 11 EU states is further example of its resilience and great potential.

Let’s keep business striding forward in Yorkshire!

If you would like to be interviewed and increase awareness of your company’s business, please get in touch on amiscia@yorkshirebusinessjournal.co.uk.