Brand new website from Whisky Investment Partners promises a faster, more effective and efficient service, to vastly improve the customer journey and bring cask whisky ownership to the masses.

National specialist whisky cask stockist, Whisky Investment Partners has launched its brand-new website to give customers a premium experience and make whisky cask purchasing more accessible to all.

The website – which features a progressive new look and feel, all-new photography and lots of new features – brings the more traditional view of whisky investment up-to-date, making it all-the-more attractive to young, financial savvy investors. With new ways to buy and manage whisky casks, the site makes it super easy for all customers to view their whisky cask purchase, but particularly for younger investors, looking to find out more information understand cask whisky ownership at the click of a button.

In a recent study nearly seven in ten millennials said they are investing financially in something, with the average age of a millennial investor being just 28. Whisky Investment Partners considered this shift in audiences when designing and structuring the new website. Not only is navigating the site easy, there’s also lots of useful content, information, and insight on there too, making it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to start, nurture or grow their cask whisky portfolio.

The new website’s features include in-depth information on Whisky Investment Partners’ Scotch whisky partner distilleries, useful bios on Scotland’s biggest and best whisky regions, and the most common whisky investment FAQs. For those looking to sell a cask through Whisky Investment Partners, the new site sets out a three-step guide to enquire, get a valuation and receive payment.

Speaking of the new website, Louise Robinson, Chief Operations Officer at Whisky Investment partners commented: “We’re incredibly proud to have launched our new website and to continue breaking the mould to offer our customers something new and innovative. We know how important technology is to improving our service, and so when developing the new site, ease of use was key, but so too was content. There are a lot of pre-conceived ideas around cask whisky investment, which is why we want to arm our customers with all the tools and information they need to make smart, informed decisions.”

Connecting with customers through innovative tools such as the new website remains a key focus for Whisky Investment Partners in 2022. Later this spring, the company – which now has three offices, including one in Barcelona – will launch a revamped customer e-commerce portal where customers will be able to browse and buy casks easily online, track their whisky portfolio and manage their exit strategy when the time’s right.

Louise continues: “It’s a very exciting time for Whisky Investment Partners as we continue to pave the way in how both new and seasoned investors manage their casks. Technology is at the heart of this, and we can’t wait to support even more people looking to start their journey very soon.”

If you would like more information on cask whisky investment, check out Whisky Investment Partners’ new and improved website www.whiskyinvestmentpartners.com.