The Fabl

A Skipton marketing agency is offering businesses power by the hour

A Skipton marketing agency is starting the new year by launching specialist one-to-one sessions to give Yorkshire businesses a boost for 2023.

The fabl, based at Broughton Hall, is offering its ‘Power Hours’ to local and regional businesses, until the end of March. Businesses can bring any topic to the table for the hour for clarity, advice and direction.

Mags Walker, the founder and managing director of the fabl, recognised the importance of making sure businesses are marketing themselves in the best possible way, during what are challenging economic times.

Mags, who has a background in big four accountancy and years of experience in strategy, branding and communication, said: “My goal is to give straightforward, clear advice and leave businesses with tangible actions.”

She continued: “We’ve been approached by many businesses who realise the need to maximise the impact of their marketing spend. This is a really cost-effective way to get the benefits of high-level marketing expertise. It’s essentially specialist professional advice on tap.

“Businesses can jump on a Power Hour during the times they need it the most. It’s important to us to play our part in supporting the local and regional economy. It benefits everyone when that is as strong as it can be.”

The Power Hour service has been created for all businesses from start-ups to the more established and can cover any marketing topic, from creative ways to promote a business, to branding through to specific marketing tools and strategies.

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