Your wish list where you simply organise, share and buy.

Name: Trina Scott Priestley

Website: swishforit.com

Swishforit is a brand discovery and wish list platform. We inspire and connect shoppers to things and places they love and want to buy. Our inspiration section is a great place to discover new brands and enjoy browsing a variety of shops in one place, you can also save things you love and shops you want to remember to your personalised wish lists to plan future shopping.


Our functionality does not limit you to save only from our inspiration section but offers complete flexibility, allowing you to save anything from anywhere, helping you remember and plan all of your shopping needs, finds and wants.


We also have a handy connection place to share lists with friends and family, making it perfect for gifting without the awkward conversations and a diary that can be used for all recurring events, linking to lists and keeping you organised on what gifting purchases are coming up. We want to help reduce the unnecessary waste from unwanted gifts and with a secret function meaning you can keep the surprise if you want too, we have thought of everything!