Sore Thumbs Retro Games

Vintage Videogame and Toy shop thrives in York City Centre

Sore Thumbs Retro Games is based in York selling old and vintage videogames and toys. This includes the legendary Pokémon, Super Mario Bros and many more games that have dominated the gaming and toys industry over the past two decades.

Owner Lee who started this store in 2016 said; “There were barely any vintage videogame and toy shops within York so I saw a gap in the market and decided to take a chance. Since then the business has grown from strength to strength.”

After numerous positive reviews with an average of 4.7 stars rating from 472 reviews, owner Lee; “It is a fantastic result, I’m happy with what we are doing. It shows that pleasing customers’ needs is the way forward, we don’t want customers to visit once; we want them to keep coming because of the quality service we deliver.”

Lee then went on to say; “We have nearly 17,000 followers on Facebook which is remarkable, I can’t believe that we have the reach and this helps us to expand our brand further and bring in customers outside of Yorkshire and from all across the UK.”

With the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting many businesses, Lee felt that Sore Thumbs Retro Games actually grew during these difficult times and said; “We had to make a website during lockdown, we had to focus on more online business which we weren’t really doing before. We had to find a different way to sell our stock and the website helped massively during these times.”

With the company in safe hands owner Lee has ambitions plans for the future and said; “I want to expand more online, expand the social media reach. I’ve really enjoyed running my business and hope it continues on in the future. You just never know I’m open to all ideas.”

Sore thumbs Retro games can be found on 7 Gillygate, York YO31 7EA. Alternatively you can directly phone the business on 07759 161274 or visit their website As well as this check out their Facebook page which is

by: Mohammed Saif Hussain