Palmer Landscapes

First ‘drive thru’ concrete, mortar and screed service sets itself in Yorkshire

  • Local landscaper introduces first click and collect service in Yorkshire 
  • Builders, landscapers and DIY enthusiasts can now purchase concrete, mortar and screed in smaller quantities, starting at 0.25m3  
  • Showcases industry’s commitment to reducing wate to landfill 

Family run Yorkshire business, Palmer Landscapes has launched Yorkshire’s first drive-thru service for concrete, mortar and screed products. Builders, landscapers and DIY enthusiasts will now be able to pay as they go for small scale building and landscaping projects, all in a bid to reduce the industry’s contribution to landfill and reduce waste from the production process. 


Based in Calverley and doing business for over 50 years, Palmer Landscapes took the leap and made a significant investment to instal the fully automated and self-service station, which launched in October. The investment is in response to an increasing demand from customers who were keen to reduce the amount of leftover building materials going to landfill and save on costs when pricing materials. 


Palmer Landscapes spent a year researching the service, called fibo Collect, to learn about its adoption across Europe. It can so far be found in North Wales, Wolverhampton and Scotland. 


Adam Palmer, Director at Palmer Landscapes says: “We’re excited to launch this new service in Yorkshire. When we first came across the concept and saw it in action, we knew that it would be perfect for SMEs and DIY projects; we’re often asked if we know of businesses who can supply smaller quantities of building materials and there isn’t. 


“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the commitment the industry has to improving how much goes to landfill. The service is highly innovative, it has a built-in washing system and waste disposal plant. The mixer self-cleans between batches which ensures higher recipe accuracy. This is 100% a service which encourages builders, landscapers and DIY enthusiasts to do things more efficiently, with environmental consideration.” 


Purchasing concrete, mortar, and screed in the traditional way from a local ready mix supplier can be discouraging for smaller businesses or DIY enthusiasts. It often involves a minimum order of 1m3 and collecting small quantities can result in significant waiting times. This method is primarily designed for high volume usage. 


With this new eco-friendly click-and-collect service, customers can now select from a range of recipes using a user-friendly touch-screen terminal. The system allows customers to specify their required volume starting from just 0.25m3. The material is then carefully mixed, poured, and dispensed from a conveyor belt onto the back of a pickup truck or directly into a tub. This entire process is completed in less than 5 minutes, ensuring time efficiency. 


Palmer Landscapes is committed to creating eco-friendly green spaces, alongside Palmer Nurseries and Palmer Plants. Combined, the business has an annual turnover of £5.5m and has ambitious plans to grow their estate in the coming years.