How to make Wellbeing part of your corporate strategy

Mind It Ltd supports employees to thrive at home and at work. We are a holistic training company. We offer wellbeing workshops, webinars, training and consultancy.

Lucile Allen-Paisant is the founder of Leeds Wellbeing Week and Director of Mind It Ltd. Former Marketing Director of a fast-growing business, with a wide range of responsibilities and passion for her job, Lucile almost experienced burn-out herself and is now a big advocate of burn-out prevention through wellbeing activities.



A recently launched interesting workshops: 'Staying calm and productive in uncertain times'


This workshop has been designed specifically to support employees and team members working from home because of the current virus outbreak.


CONTENT: In this workshop, we will learn how to keep calm and remain healthy and productive during uncertain times. We’ll learn about our natural stress response process, conduct an individual stress assessment and teach you practical tools you can implement at home to minimise the negative impacts of stress.



The internal stress process – our body’s response to stress, what’s normal and how perceptions impact our experiences of stress

Personal Introspection – an individual stress assessment

Fear and stress - Understanding the impact of fear and how this manifests in the body.

Practical solutions for lone workers – Sharing tried and tested simple approaches that anyone can implement.

Link to the workshop description: https://www.mind-it.co.uk/wellbeing-from-home