Fairbank United FC

Fairbank United thrives under volunteer leadership

Fairbank United is a local football team within Bradford that has thrived ever since its formation in 1996. The club has since become the heartbeat of the local community.

Yasser Mohammed who is coaching Fairbank United under 16’s explained the backstory on the formation of the club he said; “The club was set up by a local resident Mark Rogers, it was because every time he was out in the area, he always used to see groups of boys and girls playing football. There was no team so he took matters into his own hands and created Fairbank United.”

Fairbank United which is based in Girlington is made up of volunteers and Yasser went on to say; “All the coaches enjoy coaching football and it’s the passion of the game that drives all our volunteers into coaching/teaching the kids. We are a non-profit organisation meaning the kids don’t pay anything at all. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to playing sport.”

With the community behind them Fairbank United has seen numbers grow and the age groups now range from under 10’s to seniors. Yasser then went on to say; “I never expected this sort of turnout, it’s amazing to see people from all ages turn up train and play matches on the weekend.”

Yasser then went on to say; “During Ramadan we have launched a new initiative the new Midnight Ramadan League where we play football after praying and all the proceeds that we generate are donated to local charities. We had over 30 people turn up last week and we are just going from strength to strength.”

Furthermore, with the difficulty needed to become a football coach Yasser went on to say; “It is a really difficult journey, you have to do multiple courses that are approved by the English Football Association as well as first aid courses in case players get injured where you have to provide adequate care of them.”

Fairbank United is a club where the culture is balanced and helps young and senior players thrive. Yasser elaborated on this and said; “Everyone who plays for Fairbank United will tell you that it’s fun place to be around. We want people to have fun and be active.”

To get in touch about coaching/playing for Fairbank United directly message them on their Facebook Page (https://m.facebook.com/fairbankutd). As well as this check their website out http://www.fairbankutd.co.uk.


By: Mohammed Saif Hussain