CO2Sustain - Press Release

Global fizzy drinks brand calls Leeds’ CO2Sustain ‘the best thing at drinktec’

Leeds-based CO2Sustain may be a small business, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to attracting the attention of some of the biggest global brands. This was clearly demonstrated this month when they exhibited at drinktec, the world’s foremost trade show dedicated to drinks.

CO2Sustain makes a patented additive for carbonated soft drinks which delivers an enhanced customer taste experience by making drinks fizzier for longer.

This September saw the first post-COVID return of drinktec, which is always held in Munich. With 1,002 exhibitors from 55 countries this year vying to attract business from 50,000 visitors from 169 countries, it really is the global meeting place for anyone in the beverage industry.

According to Jonathan Stott, general manager at CO2Sustain: “Because there’s been quite a gap between the last drinktec show and this one, the difference for us this year really stood out. It’s clear that fizzy drinks manufacturers around the world are now well aware of our leading position in innovative bubble technology – and it’s resonating with even the biggest manufacturers.

“While we can’t mention who they are, over 50 representatives from one particularly well-recognised name came to talk us. They said our product was ‘one of the best things they’d seen at the show’.”

According to Jonathan Stott, two key issues dominated conversations at the trade show. “We already know that manufacturers are deeply concerned about serious CO2 shortages – especially in Europe and North America – which is threatening their ability to produce and market their beverages. This is one area where we can really help, because using our additive allows fizzy-drinks manufacturers to cut the amount of CO2 they use by around 12%, with no discernible difference to the consumer experience.

“Secondly, manufacturers are concerned about the shelf life of the CO2 in their drinks, which can be as little as 4 months. Shorter shelf lives can lead to returned stocks and all the associated financial and sustainability costs. Manufacturers are very interested to hear that our CO2Sustain additive can extend shelf life by an extra 4 weeks, which means fewer returned products, less dumping of stock and packaging, less transport, more saleable products per production run, and wider distribution capability.

“We’re working really hard right now to follow up on all of the interest we generated at the show. We now have quite a number of meetings arranged with some leading brands, and a couple of production trials already agreed.”