Andrew Gibson

Helping people make life-changing progress

Andrew Gibson helps charities and small businesses to generate income from their activities.  He helps organisations engage with stakeholders, improving the way they run teams and deliver services with his own unique business planning model.  He is passionate about helping people start businesses and runs community regeneration projects whenever he can.  As a published author on these subjects, he coaches, trains and speaks internationally.


Andrew devotes himself to lifelong learning and is passionate about helping others through delivering training courses.  Combining Solution Focused Practice with his membership of BNI, he has become an expert in helping people develop Referral Strategies for their businesses.  To reach more people than he can speak with, he wrote his first book, “What’s Your URP?” which was published in 2019.  His second book, “Make Life Simple” was published in July 2020 as the antidote to the complexity of modern life.


A proud husband and father, he lives just outside Leeds where he enjoys walking his dog and exploring the local countryside.  In his spare time, he sings with the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus and goes camping in North Yorkshire. @ajggibson